Posted 2 năm trước by Human Resources Team

Hue welcomed us on a beautiful sunny Sunday, ending a series of cold rainy days. ABVN accompanied by the English class of Phat Quang organizes an English exchange program for students from various regions who are currently studying at different universities and colleges.
The program took place successfully, and through this meaningful exchange activity, we got the chance to learn, discuss with the young learners. ABVN is really impressed by the people here who are always in a good condition with a class of solidarity, willing to share and help each other to develop and improve their English skills. English Phat Quang is a free, community-based class. They have shown a strong desire to connect all English learners in Viet Nam to conquer a new language.
Your wonderful learning spirit filled us up through thoughtful preparation and warm hospitability. And we believe that your classes will continue to grow and spread the passion for English to young people.
That’s ABVN’s honor to have the opportunity to work together and create such a meaningful program like this.
If you are interested in this project, please feel free to contact us at