Welcome MA students from Saint Michael's College (Vermont, USA) to practice on A Better Vietnam

Posted 4 năm trước by A Better Vietnam

It is our pleasure to welcome two Master’s Degree students in Applied Linguistic Department, Saint Michael’s College, Vermont to join us next week to practice teaching online. Besides 2 lessons with two ABVN teachers as usual, students can sign up for 2 more sessions with these two MA students. 

Please find their short bio below.


Hello, I’m Tyler, from Vermont, USA! I’m 39 years old and have been teaching General English to new immigrants at Central Vermont Adult Basic Education for 18 months while working toward my Master of Arts degree in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages at Saint Michael’s College. I will be graduating soon, and I would like the opportunity to teach students overseas, so volunteering with A Better Vietnam would be an excellent experience for me. I have taught many non-academic subjects since 1996, and I have a degree in Art Education, which I used to teach pottery to adults. I had several international students in my pottery class, which sparked my passion for teaching English in foreign countries.


My name is Altayeb War. I am from Sudan in Africa.
My hobby in learning English sparked at primary school when my teacher spoke with UK tourists. I like traveling and learn about new things and cultures beyond my environment. I can do that as I know English.
I have a bachelor’s degree in teaching English. I taught English in my country for five years. Also, I worked in The UN for 20 years. Currently, I am a Fulbright MA TESOL student at Saint Michael's college in the USA.