Mini game: Stories between the students and ABVN

Posted 4 năm trước by Thân Thị Chung

In the past two years, A Better Vietnam has supported hundreds of students in Vietnam and provided the chance to learn English with native-speaking teachers. We always believe that this is a great opportunity to connect the project with the students.

Currently, A Better Vietnam is holding a mini-game that aims to know what all students think about the project after some time studying and working together. In this game, the students should share their beautiful memories of ABVN teachers and probably some of their suggestions or ideas in helping develop the project. The mini-game starts on 25th March and will end on 7th April 2020. The winner will receive a special gift from the project. 

Through this game, ABVN hopes to have the opportunity to clearly know what the students need so that the project, as well as the volunteer teachers, can help them to enhance their English skills and confidence. ABVN also wants to expand the project to reach a lot more students in an endeavor to improve their English.


If you are interested in this project, please feel free to contact us at: