The winners of the mini-game in March

Posted 4 năm trước by Public Relations Department ABVN

The mini-game hold in March has finally succeeded with the participation of a lot of students. Through this game, the students can express their deep gratitude to the volunteer teachers who have made English more interesting and easier through their creative lessons. 

After careful consideration, ABVN found out the winners of the mini-game. The two most meaningful and creative "letters" belong to Hoang Dang Khoa and Thu Tran. You can have a look at those letters right here: 

Hoang Dang Khoa:

Thu Tran:

ABVN is going to hold a new mini-game in April which is really interesting, so please keep follow and support us in the upcoming time. 


If you are interested in this project, please feel free to contact us at: