FAQs from students


1. How can I become a student at ABVN?

To become a student at ABVN, you have to first register on the website of ABVN. After that, you need to fill in the application form which ABVN releases to recruit more students. You will have to pass an interview before officially becoming a student at ABVN.

2. Can anyone become a student at ABVN?

Absolutely yes! But ABVN wants to give priority to those who are living in remote areas or are having difficulties in approaching English.

3. What level of English is required to be an ABVN student?

To study with our native volunteer teachers, you have to be pretty good at basic English speaking and listening so that you can understand what the teachers say. During your interview, we will evaluate your skills and let you know if you are eligible to study or not.

4.  Is there any age limit for the participants?

There is no age limit for becoming ABVN students.

5. How long does each lesson last and how many students participate in each lesson?

It's up to the volunteer teachers, but normally each lesson lasts from 30 minutes to nearly an hour. 

All lessons are one-on-one, one teacher and one student.

6. Do I just enroll in the sessions according to my free time? 

You need to pay attention to the available time that the teachers have set and enroll in that session if no one does yet.

7. Is there a time limit to study at ABVN? As I know, most of the English centers include some courses which last for 3 months, 6 months or 1 year.

Once you become a student at ABVN, you can continue your studying without worrying about any time limit as long as you follow our regulations. If you don't, you will be permanently banned from studying.

8. Which countries do the teachers come from?

Our teachers are mostly form English speaking countries such as US, UK and Australia. We also have guest teachers from other countries who have fluent English skills.

9. Do teachers at ABVN only help in speaking skills?

Each teacher has their own teaching plan and depending on what each student needs to improve, they can adjust their teaching method. You can totally enhance all four English skills with our enthusiastic teachers.

10. Is this course free?

ABVN is a social project which provides totally free English lessons with our volunteer teachers. 


FAQs from teachers


1. Do I have to be a professional teacher or have training in TESL (teaching English as a second language) to volunteer for ABVN?

No, a good command of the English language is sufficient. If you are a native English speaker, you are qualified to join us.

2. Do I need to know how to speak Vietnamese to volunteer with ABVN?

All students have a basic level of communication in English. So being able to speak Vietnamese is not required.

3.  Do ABVN students already know how to read, write, and speak English? How well?

To become ABVN students, applicants have to get through an application process including a short interview to test their English skills. Only students who are able to basically communicate with native speakers and have a strong passion to master the language are accepted.

4.  Is there a curriculum for me to follow? How will I know what to teach the ABVN students?

No, you just need to carry on a conversation or you can develop your own teaching materials as you wish. Our experienced volunteer teachers are also happy to give you some advice to get started.

5.  What are the age-range and educational background of ABVN students?

From 14 to over 60 but most of them are university students and young graduates.

6. How much of a time commitment would be required if I become a volunteer teacher with ABVN?

Your availability is entirely up to you. You can teach as often or as little as you like. 

7. Why should I become a volunteer teacher?

ABVN is a social project. You will not have any financial benefits but mental health ones. Working as a volunteer teacher at ABVN, you can help the Vietnamese youth to enhance their English and have a better future. 

8. What are the rewards/benefits of becoming a volunteer teacher at ABVN?

There are benefits that a teacher at ABVN can get back, such as:

- Teachers are those who want to spend some free time to pass on their knowledge and experiences to young people;

- A Better Vietnam teachers always have enthusiastic ambassadors (students of the project) when they come to Vietnam, students are always ready to tell them about the culture, places, and cuisine here;

- A Better Vietnam teachers are always respected and cherished by our students with your sacrifices. Students often send greetings, cards, small gifts from their home country to teachers;

- Those who love volunteering, want to help young people to help them improve themselves, have a better future.