Trips to Vietnam of Mr. Alon - an enthusiastic teacher at ABVN

Posted 4 năm trước by Thân Thị Chung

Mr. Alon is one of the volunteer teachers who has accompanied ABVN since the inception of the project. He is always known as a friendly and humorous teacher with his interesting and helpful lessons. Many ABVN students had the chance to meet and talk with Mr. Alon in person because he had made many trips to Vietnam in the last two years. 

During two years working as a volunteer teacher at ABVN, Mr. Alon has traveled to Hue on 2 separate occasions, when he came and visited Superminds - an English Center in a rural area of Hue. The first time, he had the opportunity to chat with a group of young students and also experienced some interesting activities. Going out to the local lagoon and doing some fishing using local fish traps are some of them. “I have never seen so many types of fish and eels and crabs”, said Alon. 

On another trip to Hue, he and Mr.Jon - also a volunteer teacher at ABVN, once again talked to some primary aged students who rarely get a chance to talk with the native English teachers. In the evening, Mr. Alon and the staff of Superminds had a BBQ and some music as well.   

Mr.Alon also represented the ABVN teachers at the graduation of the Medical students in July 2019. Many of the graduates had been involved over the previous 18 months with ABVN. He was impressed by the Vietnamese traditional dress - “ao dai”, which the students wore in the ceremony. 

Like other volunteer teachers at ABVN, Mr. Alon is always greeted by a lot of his students. In 2019, Alon made 5 trips to Vietnam to see and talk with Ms.Thao Chi - the founder of ABVN as well as other team members about future directions for the project. 

ABVN believes that Mr. Alon will always support the project in the future so that he can help many more students to have the opportunity to improve their English.


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