The second meeting of ABVN new team with special guests

Posted 4 năm trước by Thân Thị Chung The second meeting of ABVN new team with special guests



After one week working together, with a lot of joyfulness and troubles as well, ABVN team had another meeting, which was extremely helpful and special. ABVN was really glad to have not only the team members but also Mr.Jon - one of the volunteer teachers at ABVN and IZI English Community join us this time.


Mr.Jon is now living in Da Nang and he has accompanied ABVN since the first days. Jon is one of the students’ favourite teachers because of his patience and calmness and his sense of humour as well. Jon has even learned to speak Vietnamese for quite a long time so do not be afraid if your English is not really good.


Other special guests at the meeting are some members of IZI English Community - a non-profit organization whose aim is to help Vietnamese in developing their English as well as personal skills. IZI team had shared their experiences on how to effectively plan for a PR campaign. It was really useful for the ABVN team because all this knowledge will be valuable to help spread the mission of ABVN to the community. 

ABVN wants to say thank you to Mr.Jon and IZI English Community for coming and sharing lots of their ideas in developing the project and looks forward to seeing them next time.



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