Connecting native English-speaking volunteer teachers with Vietnamese students for online, one-on-one, free English lessons 


About us

Hi all,
My name is Mai Thi Thao Chi and I am the founder of A Better Vietnam. As a university lecturer, I see many students who cannot reach higher achievement due to the limitation of their English. The paradox is most of these Vietnamese students study English from secondary school till University but very few of them have a chance to practice English with native speakers. The lack of practice decreases their motivation.

Moreover, the lack of interaction with native English speakers dramatically increases mistakes using English, especially for current sayings and expressions. Students learn from their Vietnamese teachers and most likely, those teachers have also never spoken to a native English speaker.

For the students who don’t have money or who live in rural parts, the situation is even worse. They can’t pay $15 for a lesson with native teachers at an English center or for an online lesson. There are also very few English-speaking tourists for them to practice. As for myself, I had barely gotten any chance to practice English when I was a student. Just till 2017, I got to know some retired friends from English-speaking countries who were very enthusiastic to help and I told myself: “Let’s share this opportunity with my students so they can chase bigger dreams in their lives”. That’s the origin of A Better Vietnam.

Our history

A Better Vietnam (ABVN) was founded in 2017 with the ambition of bringing a better future to Vietnamese Youth, especially students, by providing them the opportunity to practice English for free with volunteer native English speakers through online one-on-one lessons. We believe “Better English – Better Future”.
For the first 2 years, we operated on a shoestring, without any funding but also without any real expenses. The volunteer teachers – mostly in their home countries - will conduct the online lessons with the students through Google Hangout at the arranged time indicated on the shared Google spreadsheet. The students are selected from an application round and then a 15-min interview to become ABVN’s students.
After two years we have provided more than 3,000 lessons, with 10 volunteer teachers from Australia and the US. 200 students get to study with us and they all appreciate this opportunity and build a strong relationship with our teachers. 

The turning point for A Better Vietnam was getting the grant from YSEALI Seeds for future in March 2020. With this grant, we were able to build up this website and communicate the project widely to recruit more volunteer teachers and thus help more students.

A Better Vietnam is bringing opportunities to hundreds, and in the future, thousands of students to practice English for free. For the team members, ABVN is meaningful because we can help bring a brighter future to people in our region. For the teachers, it is a great platform to give back to the community and also to be inspired by energetic young people.