New volunteer teacher of ABVN

Posted 2 năm trước by Public Relations Department ABVN


This week, another member has joined ABVN as a volunteer teacher - Willis Huynh. How great! There are so many interesting things about him that you may want to know in the following brief introduction:

“Hello everybody! My name is Willis and I am a Vietnamese Australian. I have lived in Australia all of my life and recently moved to Saigon 1 year ago to pursue my creative passions and to experience and discover Vietnam.

I have loved my time living in Vietnam as it has helped me to better understand my identity and heritage. I am now in a position where I would like to contribute back to the community by volunteering to teach English to students with ‘A Better Vietnam’.

I am not a professional teacher so please be patient with me as I build up my skill level. But I look forward to meeting you and hope I can support you to achieve your English language goals!”


If you are interested in this project, please feel free to contact us at: