New volunteer teacher - Anthony Tran

Posted 3 năm trước by Public Relations Department ABVN

Who’s this guy with a radiant smile? Let ABVN introduce our new volunteer teacher: Anthony Tran. Let's welcome him to ABVN. We hope Anthony will have the best experience with all the team members and students in the upcoming weeks.

Let’s explore more about him in this short introduction below:

“Hi there! My name is Anthony. I was born, raised, and currently live in Chicago, the 3rd largest city in the United States. I speak with a standard American accent, and because of my Vietnamese background I have been able to recognize common mispronunciations Vietnamese learners make when learning English. Another advantage you will get from practicing with me is that you will learn common slang that young people often use in the US). Having spoken with many international students during my time as a University student, I have a lot of patience for language learners. I just graduated in May of 2020 with a Marketing Degree. If you’re looking for a young, open-minded English tutor, I’m your guy. Let’s talk about business, travel, life, mindfulness, culture, and anything else that may interest you!”


If you are interested in this project, please feel free to contact us at: