New Volunteer Teacher
Posted 1 tháng trước by Human Resources Team

Let's warmly welcome our new volunteer teacher: Ms. Aleksandra Nawrocka


Let's read more about Ms. Aleksandra Nawrocka in the short introduction below:



- She is Polish, she lives in the Philippines, Manila.

- She is an educational professional. She has lived and worked in the Philippines since 2012.

- She collaborates with international organizations in favor of the most marginalized sectors of society. As part of her duties, she teaches English and other school subjects, while taking care of the young people who like in their center.

- She desires to live in Vietnam. But it is not possible at this moment. While waiting for the opportunity, she would like to get involved in some work that will give her chances to interact with Vietnamese people and learn something about them.

- She likes reading books, listening to music, playing sports, and traveling and meeting people from all over the world.