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    A Better Vietnam participant's Tet holiday sharing activities to create a more colorful and meaningful Tet picture at A Better Vietnam. This is the article with the most impressive content from Minh Nguyet

    “TET” , “TET” , “TET” It is a time of bustling, excitement, brimful with cosy that the members in the family spend more time together. Before the Lunar New Year, everyone is busy all day to have comfort Tet and not excepting my family. Tet! Have to buy, have to clean, have to decorate, have to prepare many things ... but everyone is excited and happy when the Tet atmosphere returns. But those things that I used to think when I was a child. When I grew up, many people aren’t expected that. Example: Before Tet, almost debts must be resolved. So the economic pressure on the poor family is very large, the expenses of buying new clothes for the children... It is also important that the loved ones in the family add a new age and I don't expect it at all. But the law of nature is so, I have to learn to accept the Tet holiday meaningfully and completely. Tet is a time when people gather together to talk and give each other meaningful wishes in the new year. This is also an occasion to visit the graves of ancestors in oder to commemorate their merits, go to the pagoda to have peace of mind, try one’s fortune at the beginning of the year. That is the traditional of Vietnamese nation. So, cherish every moment of the New Year, you will feel the most wonderful things. Also through this article, would like to send dear wishes to teachers, members, departments to create an A better Vietnam like today, meaningful, useful. I wish A Better Vietnam will be apowerful and develop to spread to more people.


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