Meeting up in Hoi An with ABVN volunteer teachers

Posted 2 năm trước by Public Relations Department ABVN

It has been quite a long time since ABVN had any meetings with the volunteer teachers due to the pandemic. Up till now, everything has been under control in Da Nang and people have come back to the “new normal” life.

That is the reason why ABVN decided to hold a meeting in Hoian, where some of our volunteer teachers are living. It was not a formal meeting with a detailed agenda or speech but just a friendly and warm get-together. Everybody simply and freely shared their opinions and their experiences in teaching methods, and chatting with a lot of laughter is not an exception.

ABVN also received some suggestions from the teachers related to some activities and the way we operate, which was extremely helpful for the project to change to become better in the future.

In the weeks to come, ABVN promises you all, that we’ll have many interesting activities, so please keep following us and we’ll see what’s next!


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