Congratulations to our new students!

Posted 1 năm trước by Public Relations Department ABVN

From the inception of the project, ABVN has been supported a lot by all students and teachers. This is the motivation that helps ABVN develop and become an expanded program to reach more students who are endeavoring to enhance their English. 

These days, all the members of the project are doing their best to search for new volunteer teachers so that ABVN can create more opportunities for more students. After a few days of releasing the application form, ABVN received over 300 responses from those who wanted to officially become ABVN’s students. However, only a limited number of students are accepted to study with ABVN because we want to make sure that we can provide them with the most effective lessons. 

But the GOOD NEWS is, ABVN is working with the volunteer teachers so that some students in the “waiting list” can be a part of the project as soon as possible. So please keep following our fan page as well as checking your email regularly so as not to miss any information from ABVN!


If you are interested in this project, please feel free to contact us at: