Awesome moments with our volunteer teachers

Posted 2 năm trước by Public Relations Department ABVN



Last weekend, ABVN team had a friendly get-together with our volunteer teachers in Danang. Can you try looking at the photo and guess which teachers were there?

This meeting was a great opportunity for ABVN to get to know the teachers’ wishes as well as fulfill their aspirations in regard to the project. We are all profoundly grateful for your time and your unceasing support for our Vietnamese students. For more than 2 years, ABVN has received a lot of the students’ appreciation for the volunteer teachers. Not only can they have the chance to enhance their English language but they also can gain a ton of life experiences from you guys, which is beyond all our expectations.

ABVN is becoming better step by step thanks to you - our volunteer teachers. Thank you so much for all your support!


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