Posted 1 năm trước by Communication Outreach Team

At the beginning of the second quarter, ABVN was very happy to accompany with the outstanding teacher Ve Van Lam to visit Phu Xuan Secondary School, which is a poor rural area about 15km from Hue city.
🌱With the spirit of bringing interesting experiences in learning English, giving students the opportunity to get access to native teachers through a free English learning project with native teachers.
🥰 ABVN was very grateful when the teachers were enthusiastic, interest in students, cooperative, and creative in activities as well as the inquisitive spirit of the students. Thank you for your trust in the project.
🌱The project will continue to accompany and pursue the mission to help more students in remote areas access more deeply English in the future. Hope that we will try to work together to build "better English - better future".
If you are interested in this project, please feel free to contact us at