Big welcome to our next volunteer teacher - Mr.Peter Baldwin

Mr. Peter Baldwin finished the last steps to become ABVN’s new volunteer teacher in the up-coming time. Welcome Mr. Peter to our big family with love. Hope you will have a wonderful experience with ABVN.

Guess who this is!

This is Roni Medrano - the new volunteer teacher at ABVN.
Let’s give him a big welcome to ABVN! We hope that Roni will have a great time with all the members and students of the project in the up-coming time.

One of the two winners of the mini game in March

This is a story from Thu Tran - one of the two winners of the mini-game in March and also the first letter that ABVN received from the students. Let's take a look at it to see how ABVN and the volunteer teachers have changed the way she studied English.

Congratulations to our new students!

From the inception of the project, ABVN has been supported a lot by all students and teachers. This is the motivation that helps ABVN develop and become an expanded program to reach more students who are endeavoring to enhance their English.

Welcome a new teacher to ABVN!

Our big family, A Better Vietnam, sends many thanks from our bottom heart to Mr. Anthony McCarthy for staying with ABVN to spread out more and more values for the community. Hope that our new teacher will have an interesting experience with members and students during the time with A Better Vietnam.

New volunteer teacher - Ms.Tram Bui

ABVN is really happy to welcome our new volunteer teacher to the project. Ms.Tram Bui was born in Vietnam but she grew up in America. She has been living in the USA since she was 6.

The winners of the mini-game in March

The mini-game hold in March has finally succeeded with the participation of a lot of students. Through this game, the students can express their deep gratitude to the volunteer teachers who have made English more interesting and easier through their creative lessons.

Trips to Vietnam of Mr. Alon - an enthusiastic teacher at ABVN

Mr. Alon is one of the volunteer teachers who has accompanied ABVN since the inception of the project. He is always known as a friendly and humorous teacher with his interesting and helpful lessons. Many ABVN students had the chance to meet and talk with Mr. Alon in person because he had made many trips to Vietnam in the last two years.

Welcome the new volunteer teacher - Ashley Thorne

In early April of 2020, ABVN had the opportunity to welcome another volunteer teacher from the United Kingdom - Ashley Thorne.

Mini game: Stories between the students and ABVN

Currently, A Better Vietnam is holding a mini-game that aims to know what all students think about the project after some time studying and working together.