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27 Sep 2022 01:49
Understand How to Take up a Novel That Can Be Enjoyment and Easy to Write

When people study love novels, they forget themselves and their active and demanding lives. Needless to say, this is among the purposes of writing these novels and if the readers are incapable of ente ...

07 Sep 2022 14:21

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pk booster
21 Sep 2022 23:56
Crucially, the

Crucially, the iPad and other devices can be programmed for individual apes to best fit their needs, says Boostrom. It's an innovation that would allow zookeepers to customise at least one aspect of t ...

Muhammad Alamghir
30 Sep 2022 14:34
These findings

These findings challenge the belief that art is the special provenance of Homo sapiens, but it is perhaps not that surprising that other species of human had creative impulses. Aft ...

29 Sep 2022 22:10
To some

  To some, the Commonwealth symbolised the decline of Britain's influence in the world. Its early years also coincided with tensions over the arrival in the UK of immigrants from former ...

29 Sep 2022 22:20
"twice as tall as" or "twice taller than"

I am twice as tall as he is. I am twice taller than he is. I have a question about using "twice as tall as" or " twice taller than". Can anybody tell me which sentence is grammatically correct or bo ...

Linda jack
21 Sep 2022 12:44
That being said

I've been heard "that being said" in many occasions, especially, on the meetings or public speaking, but I'm not sure I comprehend its meaning exactly. It seems that many speakers were using "that b ...

Muhammad Alamghir
30 Sep 2022 14:20
A few - few; a little - little

Hellooo!  I am a little confused with these words. I am not really sure about the differences between a few and few or a little and little. Can anyone tell me how to use these words? Thank ...

jahanghir khatri
13 Sep 2022 13:12
Last and latest

What is the difference between last and latest?

pk booster
29 Sep 2022 23:40