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"Sign in", "signin" or "sign-in"

I do not know which one is correct, can you explain?

winkler glinesnw
16 Nov 2021 21:36
That being said

I've been heard "that being said" in many occasions, especially, on the meetings or public speaking, but I'm not sure I comprehend its meaning exactly. It seems that many speakers were using "that b ...

AKBAR aaaa
29 Nov 2021 17:21
A few - few; a little - little

Hellooo!  I am a little confused with these words. I am not really sure about the differences between a few and few or a little and little. Can anyone tell me how to use these words? Thank ...

winkler glinesnw
16 Nov 2021 21:37
Last and latest

What is the difference between last and latest?

M Tom
29 Nov 2021 14:23