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Welcome to A Better Vietnam Forum

This forum is for everyone to ask English questions - which can be answered by our volunteer teachers. Please feel free to post :)!  For thread's owner, if you are satisfied with th ...

ayan shah
27 May 2022 02:31
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Hacking ielts Listening


Christopher Schroeder
17 May 2022 13:10
English questions 79 (83 discussions) Latest response Discussions
Her region


สุมิตตา จามิคุณ
27 May 2022 12:55
For most, the


สุมิตตา จามิคุณ
27 May 2022 12:49
Leigh Ann

  Leigh Ann Winowiecki, a soil systems scientist at the research organisation CIFOR-ICRAF in Nairobi, Kenya, says farmyard manure has a host of benefits: providing nutrients to the plant ...

สุมิตตา จามิคุณ
27 May 2022 12:34
These accommodation

These accommodations are not new to Indian jurisprudence or to courtroom procedures," Ms Uttara said.Since livestreams are limited to a few courts, tweets and real-time updates from courtrooms by ...

สุมิตตา จามิคุณ
27 May 2022 12:26
Sometimes the

Sometimes the danger in the kitchen came from gadgets intended to be safer than the ones they replaced. Electric kettles are a particularly ironic example. Even as early as the 1920s they had automati ...

สุมิตตา จามิคุณ
26 May 2022 12:33