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Think Aristotle in

Think Aristotle in his studies of plants, animals and rocks; Herodotus in writing history; Socrates and Plato in philosophy. The Greeks pioneered democracy; reading with an alphabet; the Olympics; geo ...

Knox Knapp
06 Jun 2022 18:30
The result

The result, which has only recently reopened, is a beautifully curated space. Outside on a verdant lawn, I was welcomed by a reconstruction of a traditional wooden Makah house and two large statues we ...

สุมิตตา จามิคุณ
06 Jun 2022 14:38
humans. We pick

humans. We pick mates with a very different immune composition so our offspring have a diverse array of immune locks,” says Dr Philip Stephens from Durham University. Back in our evolutionary pa ...

สุมิตตา จามิคุณ
06 Jun 2022 14:23
China accounts

China accounts for more than one-sixth of the world's population, yet after four extraordinary decades in which the country’s population has swelled from 660 million to 1.4 billion, its populati ...

Cynthia Roth
06 Jun 2022 18:52
Some, like the

Some, like the Baltic republics, have voiced frustration over what they see as the West's reluctance to give Ukraine everything it needsBut for all Russia's military deficiencies - which have been ...

สุมิตตา จามิคุณ
02 Jun 2022 14:04
"The hydrogen

"The hydrogen industry at the moment is like the solar industry about 20 years ago where there are few projects being developed and there is a big ambition in the market," said Mr Heo. ...

สุมิตตา จามิคุณ
02 Jun 2022 13:52
In a letter to

  In a letter to the NRAI last week, the department said there had been complaints from consumers that they were still being "forced to pay service charge, often fixed at arbitrarily h ...

สุมิตตา จามิคุณ
02 Jun 2022 13:39

  "Historically, in times of conflict, the Pacific has been geographically significant because of the ability to control supply and access," says Mihai Sora, an analyst at the Lowy Insti ...

สุมิตตา จามิคุณ
02 Jun 2022 12:41
"What is you

  "What is your ethical responsibility to the audience? How do I help people feel a connection to something bigger than themselves - me included? How do you bring people together at a ti ...

สุมิตตา จามิคุณ
02 Jun 2022 12:27
Coupled with

    Coupled with new scientific insights on plant-based diets from researchers around the world, that experience could also help parents answer a crucial question: is a vegan ...

สุมิตตา จามิคุณ
01 Jun 2022 14:06