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grew strongly

Australia's  grew strongly throughout the pandemic, and is projected to grow a further 4.25% this year.The unemployment rate has fallen to 4% - its lowest level since 2008.However, many peopl ...

สุมิตตา จามิคุณ
19 May 2022 12:51
The Taliban

  The Taliban have formed a committee to examine the issue, but multiple sources with links to the Taliban told the BBC that while even senior Taliban ministers were on board with the re ...

สุมิตตา จามิคุณ
19 May 2022 12:46
The goal of

The goal of recovering the work of these overlooked pioneers cannot simply be to fill in the blind spots in the canon. We must also deconstruct the biases and assumptions that have undergirded it for ...

สุมิตตา จามิคุณ
18 May 2022 14:24
"As you get

"As you get bigger and bigger fires, they involve a taller and taller volume, and larger and larger area of the atmosphere. And when these fires get big enough, there are lots of different atmospheric ...

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18 May 2022 14:05
He found a

He found a distinct pattern – "streets" of trees that had all fallen in one direction, and also trees that showed no sign of flames having reached their tops, as they normally would in an intens ...

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18 May 2022 14:00
The density

The density of the hailstone also effects how large it can grow. The heavier it is, the more likely it will fall out of an updraught. And it will also fall faster too, because the bigger a hailstone, ...

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18 May 2022 13:17
It was the height o

It was the height of summer in the UK and the country found itself in the grip of a heatwave. In Leicestershire, in the midlands of England, children on their school holidays played in paddling pools ...

สุมิตตา จามิคุณ
18 May 2022 13:11
“I thought it

“I thought it was worthwhile giving it a go, because the salary was £55,000 ($67,600) a year, and similar to my earnings before,” says Tahlia. “They told me I would have five i ...

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17 May 2022 13:00
It's all laid out in

It's all laid out in a flow chart that Pu shows me. When I ask him how long all these meetings would take in the event of aberrant data, he laughs self-consciously. "I think it could be very fast, but ...

สุมิตตา จามิคุณ
17 May 2022 12:49
In addition to s

In addition to seismic data, Lin and his team also began listening for phreatic activity, an early warning sign of magmatic activity. Constant heat from the magma chamber causes gases underground to m ...

สุมิตตา จามิคุณ
17 May 2022 12:45