Tass Anastasiou



Greetings my name is Tass I was born in Melbourne 1952. I currently live in Melbourne where I have sent the majority of my life. I have no teaching qualifications or experience but I have life experience. I worked in the banking industry for 21 years, then for 19 years I worked for my wife in a labour fire firm that she owned, I retired last year. I enjoy travelling which I have done a fair amount, the most enjoyable art of travelling is mixing and getting to know the local people, there customs and cuisine (I love food). I came to Vietnam last year to participate in my son’s engagement ceremony to a Vietnamese (Ho Chi Minh) young female who he met in Melbourne. So it was an opportunity to meet her side of the family. I the spent 10 weeks travelling the country and was immediately drawn to the friendliness of the people. What impressed me most was the young people who approached me so they could practise conversing in english (as a consequence what Vietnamese I learnt was quickly forgotten). So the opportunity to help students to practise their English will give me great pleasure.