Marceline Sapet

South Africa


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Oct 10 2020 0 1




My Name is Marceline and I am a native English speaking person, I am currently an owner of a Estate Agency  for more than 20 years , Over the past 20 years  continues training and teaching  Adults of all profession  that enter the Estate Agency Market to sell. Previous to running my own Estate Agency, joined a large corporate company as a National Sales Manager traveling across South Africa setting up sales teams with continues training, teaching Adults. prior to becoming a National Sales Manager, started a skills for life company employing teacher  to  teach students from grade 7 to grade 12 memory methods and the latest memory  Technics  it would be done  at every school break summer break and winter breaks . I love teaching and I would like to give back into your community were I know I will be appreciate and I am very capable to teach at any level now and am will to be trained by your company. I also have a business degree as this is equal to Q5 level 3 years collage, this was a requirement to run an Estate agency. I still have to finished the last year NQ6 to get my bachelors I have just completed 1st an advance TEFL -TESOL CERTIFICATE and then went onto completing the    Masters TEFL-TESOL CERTIFICATE  



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