Lien Baker



Hi everyone! My name is Lian. I live in Huntington Beach, a coastal city in southern California, U.S.

I graduated from Hanoi University in 1998, then moved to the United States. I've been working in education for almost 12 years. Currently, I am working for a school district as a bilingual specialist for special education. From assisting the speech pathologists, I have some knowledge with the common errors that Vietnamese English learners often make. I am also a mother of an almost 16-year-old girl, so I get to learn from her all the new cool words that teenagers use. Hopefully, that will make our interaction a GOAT one (not the animal; it stands for Greatest of All-Time.  Running marathons, cooking, reading, and watching Netflix are some of my hobbies.


I am looking forward to supporting you and sharing my experience with you in learning English.