Rylee D'Angelo

United States


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Oct 23 2023 1 1




My name is Rylee DAngelo from the United States. I am currently a nomad traveling and living throughout Europe. I am a working young professional, looking to expand my knowledge and assist clients with whatever their needs may be. My passion for the economics of growth and sustainable development, human rights law, international relations, and refuge health developed early in my academic pathway. I recently obtained an advanced Master of Science degree from the University of Edinburgh in Global Crime, Security, and Justice in November 2023. I am currently volunteering as a United Nations Volunteer for the Simuka Africa Youth Association working to create an Online Social Media Campaign to End Child Marriage by acting as a research and grant assistant. I also have experience as a United Nations intern, where I contributed to the development and delivery of online courses and workshops for UN staff and partners on security and safety issues. I am passionate about social justice, human rights, and peacebuilding, and I can bring diverse perspectives and experiences to the team. I am proficient in English and French. I have always wanted to teach English and enrich students in learning another language. I am interested in people and cultures, hoping to acquire a new worldview through educational discussion. My hobbies include traveling, painting, dancing, and hiking. I look forward to meeting you all and beginning our journey together.



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