Gus Y.

Sydney, Australia


Joining date Total sessions Number of students taught
Jul 22 2023 47 22




# Number of session Date
1 10 2023-08-08 13:00:00


Gus left Saigon, Vietnam (aka Ho Chi Minh City), at the end of the Vietnam War. Born to parents of Vietnamese (mother) and Chinese (father) origins. He grew up, was educated and worked in Sydney, Australia, his entire life. He graduated with a bachelor's degree in Information Technology (IT). He spent the majority of his career as an IT professional, working for some of Australia's largest public, private and government organisations in industries such as insurance, finance, transport, utilities, media and health. He specialises in Cybesecurity, developing strategies, overseeing security initiatives, transferring knowledge and intellectual property and managing global teams across multiple regions. For the past few years, he has transitioned his career to investment management, working a few hours per week managing various portfolios. Time cannot be bought; therefore, he has decided to dedicate his free time to pursuing his own interests and passions. Inspired by the vision and commitments of founder Ms. Thao Chi and the ABVN foundation teachers, the ABVN platform connects and enriches students and teachers with a common goal of learning. ABVN students are curious and determined learners. Students may not have realised this, but ... "I benefited more from learning about them than they do from me, such as their lifestyle, culture, educational system, regions, transport, food specialties, aspirations, and the list goes on—basically, what I term the "circle of knowledge" of Vietnam." Gus enjoys being active, especially in fitness activities such as participating in sports and following a balanced, healthy lifestyle. Here are a few of his interests, not limited to this list: Animals, cars/motorbikes, construction, economics, fitness, food, gardening, hiking, investments, movies/films, music, science, sports, streaming, technology, travel, and volunteering. He is married with three kids and resides in Sydney, Australia. I would never have imagined myself being involved in such a volunteer project. I have learned to embrace the project, and it is the students that keeps me committed to the project. On holidays between 25 September - 8 October. Will be back on 9 October 2023.


Focus of teaching

Conversational and examinational English, pronunciation, grammar, vocabulary, IELTS/TOEIC and the use of technology as a learning tool.

Students taught

# Student Number of session
1 [804] Đinh Bảo Châu Thi 8
2 [811] Nguyen Huong Nhi 6
3 [815] Nguyễn Lê Quỳnh Nhi 5
4 [805] Nguyen Thi Huyen Tran 3
5 [814] Hoàng Thị Linh Ái 3
6 [813] Huynh Tan Vu 3
7 [812] Võ Thị Chúc Linh 2
9 [836] VO THI MY OANH 2
10 [835] Lê Thị Hương 2
11 [802] Trần Thị Mỹ Diệu 1
12 [303] Trịnh Hoàng Ngọc 1
13 [820] Nguyễn Thị Trúc Linh 1
14 [738] Phạm Văn Hùng 1
15 [709] Đỗ Thị Thu Phương 1
16 [824] Doan Thi Nhung 1
17 [834] Nguyễn Minh Dũng 1
18 [810] CU THI CHI 1
19 [729] Nguyễn Đoàn Như Ý 1
20 [744] Nguyễn Ngọc Nhã Linh 1
21 [809] LE PHI DUY 1
22 [803] Lê Thị Kim Bằng 1