Lutfiyah Khan Surgraw

South Africa


Joining date Total sessions Number of students taught
Jun 13 2023 9 8




I was previously a quality tire inspector, but I have just graduated with a teaching degree in English and history. I also completed three different online TEFL courses because my area of interest lies in the teaching profession. I avail myself of the opportunity to teach English to speakers of other languages (TEFL) as a volunteer. I pride myself on being a person who enjoys helping other people progress and succeed in life. My lifelong goal is to provide value in others lives, and with the ABVN community, I can do this easily. It would be an honor for me to dedicate my free time to helping Vietnamese students reach and achieve their English goals.



Students taught

# Student Number of session
1 [824] Doan Thi Nhung 2
2 [744] Nguyễn Ngọc Nhã Linh 1
3 [815] Nguyễn Lê Quỳnh Nhi 1
4 [850] Thảo Lê 1
5 [840] Ho Thi Lan 1
6 [834] Nguyễn Minh Dũng 1
7 [829] Tran Thi Thu 1
8 [836] VO THI MY OANH 1