Lydie Peral



Joining date Total sessions Number of students taught
May 04 2023 0 0


I'm a French born citizen who has been living in England for over 30 years. I worked at the executive level for diverse companies in London (from the Film, Retail, Music, Publishing and Education industries, to Banking and Property & Acquisitions in the Hotel business). As a TEFL Certified Educator with over 20 years of experience helping people with conversational English and achieve their goals, I've gained a deep understanding into what it takes to teach conversational English. Proficiency in the English language has enriched my life, allowing me to explore diverse corners of the World, (such as Europe, North and South-East Asia, North and Central America, the South-Pacific, the Caribbean and the Middle East), and enabled me to immerse in different cultures and acquire valuable experiences, during my travels. I joined ABVN because I'm ready to put my "English-teacher hat" on, and share the gift of language! I wish to connect with people with diverse cultures and who are eager to learn and share my love for the English language. With a deep passion for spreading good vibes and making a positive impact, I'm excited to embark on this linguistic journey, promising to bring plenty of laughter along the way! Some of my interests amongst others include: the English language, going to the Cinema, Reading, Photography, Music, Latin Dancing events and last but not least, Socialising.



Focus of teaching

Conversation, pronunciation & intonation, as well as fluency.