Jennifer Ashton

Joshua Tree, California


Joining date Total sessions Number of students taught
Apr 08 2023 4 4




Jennifer Ashton is an American data analyst currently living in California, USA. Jennifer has a passion for teaching English as a foreign language. Learning new languages to acclimate to new countries has reinforced her decision to join A Better Vietnam, assisting those in need, to better global communication and relationships. Teaching students English helps me to unlock the beauty and wonders of other cultures. “As an avid volunteer and traveler, my hope is to learn about your country and experiences while providing you with the tools to succeed on your journey of learning English.” Focus of teaching My teaching structure is student based and varies based on the interests or preferences of students. I am always creating a criteria suitable for each student with the goals of their success in mind.



Students taught

# Student Number of session
1 [656] Hoàng Tuấn Minh 1
2 [731] Hồ Thị Diệu Ánh 1
3 [695] ĐẶNG VĂN BÌNH 1
4 [303] Trịnh Hoàng Ngọc 1