Natalie Byleveld

Cape Town, South Africa


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Jun 19 2022 0 0


My name is Natalie Byleveld and I’m a South African citizen. I live in Cape Town, South Africa I am a Womanist, an Engineer who is mad in love with FemTech. I was working in the Mining Industry for the past 10 years but transitioned into entrepreneurship to fulfill a desire to be independent and run my own show advancing women's opportunities, equality and impact! I would like to join the ABVN community because I would love to give a bit. I’ve received so much in my life, this opportunity align with my capabilities and passion, to speak and to connect.    My hobbies :  Addicted to Suits on Netflix. Cooking, mixing flavours and tastes. Wine Tasting - Cape Town’s wine is tops! Coffee-snob. Part time studying physiology. FemTech.



Focus of teaching

Women FemTech Women's Health and Wellness Finding our voice Advancing our agenda Standing up for who we are Who are we?