Shane Hurley

Kumamoto, Japan


Joining date Total sessions Number of students taught
Dec 01 2021 28 26


2021 2022
5 24


# Number of session Date
1 10 2022-01-12 13:30:00


My name is Shane Hurley and I’m an Australian citizen. I live in the second biggest city, Brisbane, the capital of Queensland. I am now retired. I have been teaching for over 40 years. I trained at a Teachers College in Brisbane, a BA at the University of Queensland and  gained my MA in TESOL at Bond University , Australia  and taught for 20 years in Japanese schools and I also completed my  CELTA (Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) in Brisbane. I left full time teaching in 2021 and then went to Japan as a part-time English teacher. I am interested in volunteering in South East Asian countries and getting to know their cultures. I have also taught in Brunei and Hong Kong to high school students. I have read a lot about Asian history and culture at University and would like to know about Vietnam and my son’s girlfriend is from Vietnam. This will allow me to get to know more about her and what people in Vietnam think and do. If possible I would like to travel to your country with my colleague Hui Tran and experience the culture and the food is especially enticing. Having a young son as well, I would like to understand what people are doing with their lives. I want to get to know them and help all ages of students to improve their English and  share their culture with mine.  My hobbies are travelling, reading, music, sport, eating at ethnic restaurants with my wife, tutoring migrants who have come to Australia for a better life.



Students taught

# Student Number of session
1 [484] Le Thi Trinh 2
3 [593] Lê Thị Minh Thư 2
4 [598] Noa Hayashi 1
5 [477] Phung Thi Hai Chau 1
6 [364] Nguyen Thi Hoai Thanh 1
7 [540] Nguyễn Thị Trúc Ly 1
8 [498] Nguyễn Thị Xinh 1
9 [514] Trần Thị Hoa Kiều 1
10 [572] Trần Thị Thu Thuỳ 1
11 [513] Phan Thế Hoàng 1
12 [549] Mông Hồng Nhung 1
13 [578] Nguyễn Võ Hồng Cường 1
14 [555] Tran Thi Tho 1
15 [566] Nguyễn Phúc Minh 1
16 [546] Phạm Thị Thu Hằng 1
17 [385] Mai Kim Tiến 1
18 [396] Tran Thi Thuy Trang 1
19 [662] 27.Huỳnh Hoa Anh Thảo 1
20 [393] Lê Thị Xuân Trinh 1
21 [622] Doan Thi Thanh Tuyet 1
22 [560] Vi Thị Bích 1
23 [381] Nguyen Thi Hong Nhung 1
24 [352] Vo Dinh Ngoc Huyen 1
25 [488] Do Thi Kim Lanh 1
26 [605] Le Thi Ha 1