Robert Yassa

Hà Nội


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Sep 15 2021 0 0


My name is Robert Yassa and I come from Egypt. I live in the capital city of Vietnam, Hanoi. Now I’m a high school English teacher , I’ve been doing this job for 5 years in Hanoi , before that I used to work in Egypt in a national company called Teleperformance , I used to work there as a customer service agent and then I got promoted to a trainer , training new employees on language and conversation skills , and also product knowledge of course for new comers , also I was a team leader before I decided to move out from Egypt and come to Vietnam , Now I’m doing my master’s degree in business administration at HUST university . And I also took a TESOL course. I’d like to join ABVN because it will let me help people who are passionate and eager to learn the English language to improve their work and career life , I’m not a native speaker myself and I never got better in English until I had to use it at work since I was working in Egypt with international customers , so what made me master the language was the continuous use of English or as we called it EOE (English Only Environment). so because I know that I want to help people who are waiting for a chance to have EOE at least for an hour or two regularly to improve and get used more on talking in English . and also because I love Vietnam I like baking , cycling , swimming , reading and collecting watches