Luke Addison

Ha Noi, Vietnam


Joining date Total sessions Number of students taught
Jul 27 2021 9 7




Luke Addison is a 28-year old Drama and English teacher currently living in Hanoi. Luke studied English and Drama at the University of Winchester, UK, and alongside studying, he set up a Drama company running workshops for elderly people, prisoners, refugees and other groups in the community.Luke has been able to travel all around the world with this work and his favourite countries are Cuba, Uganda and Vietnam. In his free time, Luke writes Poetry, enjoys playing games and watching films and is learning the guitar!


I have been volunteering with ABVN since July 2021, I have only had a few sessions so far but the HR team and all of the staff have been so wonderful and helpful. I feel like I have made a huge group of friends already! The students that have attended my classes have been great and I am really looking forward to working with ABVN for a long time!

Focus of teaching

I am a Drama, English and Peace Education Teacher, so my sessions will have a creative approach and will be fun alongside being educational and engaging. Some example of things that I am very happy to teach/talk about would be: - English Language development. - The UK (England) (Culture, life, etc). - Poetry. - Journalism. - Travelling. - Volunteering. - Drama. - Music. - Films and TV. - Global Issues/News - VietNam. - History. - Games/Activities. - Improving Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking skills. - Preparing for job interviews/employability. - Debates. And I'm always interested in learning about new things so always open to suggestions/ideas. :)

Students taught

# Student Number of session
1 [353] Pham Thi Hien Thuong 2
2 [385] Mai Kim Tiến 2
3 [399] Phan Thị Ngọc Yến 1
4 [221] Thu Trang Hồ Thị 1
5 [287] Lê Thị Khánh Huyền 1
6 [393] Lê Thị Xuân Trinh 1
7 [387] Trần Thị Tú Nhi 1