Meg Le

Hoi An


Xin chào! My name is Meg Le and I live in Hoi An with my Viet Kieu husband David. I know how difficult it is to learn another language and how important it is to have a friend to help. My career has been as a business consultant at companies like Microsoft and Starbucks, but I have also worked in non-profit and social enterprise, mostly in the field of global health. I have traveled to over 50 countries, have my MBA from Barcelona, Spain, and now have my own wellness business in Viet Nam where I teach people of all ages about healthy breathing and movement. In addition to being a fitness coach, I also have experience tutoring University students in various subjects, including producing sustainable business plans. I look forward to learning about you and your life, sharing information about me, and of course helping you with your English pronunciation and grammar. We will have fun!


I have been volunteering with ABVN for a few months now, and I have really enjoyed the experience. The platform and process is simple, but the connections I have made with students have been profound. Some sessions we just chat and get to know each other, others are more structured where we practice pronunciation and fluidity reading aloud, and others have turned into meaningful conversations about our lives, society, and our personal challenges. This is an especially difficult time for everyone during Covid-19, and making and keeping connections with others outside our house is more important than ever. Every single student I speak with expresses their genuine gratitude for my effort, each and every time, and I know that my volunteering makes a difference not only in the life of the student but also to their broader community and country. I have donated my time to various causes in the past, but the simple act of just listening, speaking, and creating space for human connection and growth, has turned into one of the most meaningful experiences I have had. I love living in Viet Nam and every time I get on the phone with an ABVN student, it reinforces my decision and deepens my connection to the wonderful people and country that I now call home