Part 1: Start a conversation with your partner. Talk about the following: 


- Do you think that you're a healthy person?

- What do you do to take care of your health?

- Do you have any bad habits?

- Do you think that people, in general, are healthy now?

- What do you think is important for health?

- What is healthcare like in your country?

- What are some health issues where you live?

- What can people do to keep fit?

- Have you ever had to stay in the hospital?

- What one thing could you do to be healthier?


Part 2: Visually-based conversation.


Both the student and volunteer show their pictures about Health. Then discuss them. 


Part 3: Have a conversation about one of the following situations.


- You have gained weight recently. You go to see a doctor and have a talk with him/her to get some advice on how to lose weight.

- Your friend suffers from stress now. Talk with him/her about how to deal with stress.


Part 4: Free talk.