- Exchange intercultural information regarding food.

- Raise awareness of intercultural differences in values, behavior, and ways of thinking.

- Help students reflect on their values, customs, behavior, and attitudes.

Input: Pictures (from Google) or authentic photos.

Condition: Shared information between one student and one volunteer.

Procedure: Pair work.

Predicted outcome:

- A list of at least five differences and five similarities between the two cultures in terms of the food in the photos.

- Analyzing skills, problem-solving skills.


Part 1: Start a conversation with a partner. Talk about the following: 


- What kind of meals do you like?

- Are there any fruits or vegetables you don’t like? Why?

- What is your favorite cuisine?

- Do you like any foreign foods? 

- Which fast foods do you like best? Hamburgers? Pizza? Fried chicken?

- Do you often eat out? 

- What foods do you never eat?

- Can you cook well? What? 


Part 2: Visual-based conversation.


Both students and volunteers are asked to find two visuals representing the theme of food (e.g., Google images, their pictures): one for Vietnam and the other for the volunteer’s country (2 photos or photos for each person). They are also asked to prepare five discussion questions for each visual image.


Part 3: You and your friend are organizing a party this weekend. Talk with her/him about how to hold the party.


- When/where to hold the party. 

- Who to invite to the party. 

- What food and drink to provide for the party.

- What entertainment to have at the party.


Part 4: Free talk.