Part 1: Start a conversation with a partner. Talk about the following:


- Which school are you going to?

- What is your favorite subject?

- Who is your favorite teacher?

- Which subject did you find the most difficult at school?

- Have you ever returned to see your old school again?

- Are you still in contact with any of the friends you had in primary school?

- What did you enjoy about being a school student?


Part 2: Visual-based conversation.


Both students and volunteers are asked to find two visuals representing the picture of the school (e.g., Google images, their own pictures): one for Vietnam and the other for the volunteer’s country (2 photos or pictures for each person). They are also asked to prepare five discussion questions for each visual image.


Part 3: Have a conversation about the following questions.


- Does your country provide a good public school system?

- What improvements does the school system need?


Part 4: Free talk.