Part 1: Start a conversation with your partner. Talk about the following:


- How often do you eat out?

- Where do you usually go when you eat out?

- Do you like western food? Do you like Korean food? Do you like Japanese food?

- Do you know how to order food in English?

- Do you eat fast food like KFC or McDonalds?

- Do you know what a Caesar salad is?

- Do you worry about chemicals in your food?

- What's the most disgusting food you ever ate in a restaurant?

- What would you think if you saw the cook at a restaurant smoking while he was cooking your food?

- Why do you think westerners are usually heavier than Vietnamese?


Part 2: Visual-based conversation.


Both the student and volunteer show their pictures about restaurants and eating out. Then have a discussion to find at least 5 similarities and five differences among the pictures.


Part 3: Have a conversation about the following situation.


What would you do if the food you were served did not taste good or if you received the wrong food?


Part 4: Free talk.