Part 1: Start a conversation with your partner. Talk about the following:


- What makes it easy to talk to someone?

- Have you ever had a great conversation with a stranger?

- What made it so great? What did you talk about? Where were you?

- How do conversations between men and women differ?

- Do you like to argue? Do you always want to be right?

- How do you feel about talking on the phone? Why?

- If you could have a conversation with any famous living person, who would you talk to?

- Is there such a thing as being too honest? Explain.

- How do you feel about blunt people?

- What was a difficult conversation you had to have in your life?

- How can you improve your conversation skills? Explain.


Part 2: Visual-based conversation.


Both the student and volunteer show their pictures about Conversations. Then have a discussion to find at least five similarities and five differences among the pictures.


Part 3: Have a conversation about the following situation.


If you had to choose, would you rather marry a partner who is handsome/beautiful but who is a terrible conversationalist, or a partner who is a wonderful conversationalist but who is less attractive than average? Explain.


Part 4: Free talk.