Part 1: Start a conversation with a partner. Talk about the following:


- Could you tell me your full name, please?

- Does your name have a special meaning? 

- Where are you from?

- Can you tell me something about your hometown ( people, special food, famous landscapes, scenic spots, history,…)

- Where are you studying?

- What do you like most about your study?

- What kind of job do you prefer after graduation?

- What do you like to do in your free time?

- Do you prefer to stay alone or with your friend?

- How would you describe yourself?

- Which characteristics do you think are the least / the most appealing in a person?

- Which characteristics do you want to change most?


Part 2: Visual-based conversation.


Both the student and volunteer are asked to find their childhood pictures. They are also asked to prepare five discussion questions for each picture.


Part 3: Have a conversation about the following statement.


Talk about things that make you feel happy while doing it.


Part 4: Free talk.