Marti Miller

Idaho, USA


I was born in Hue, grew up in Saigon until I was 10 years old when my family sent me to a boarding school in the US. Recently I returned to Hanoi, the first time to Vietnam in 52 years.

I'm a mother of 3 daughters, and also a grandmother of 2 granddaughters.My hobbies consist of sailing my 16 ft sailboat, hiking, gardening, reading, and cooking.

I'm a licensed Professional Civil Engineer. I work as a Project manager overseeing engineers and architects in design and construction. I'm also a health coach. I love helping people to learn healthy habits, and take back their health.


I'm also an entrepreneur. I started a small business 8 years ago to make salsas to teach my girls about finance,  to earn spending money and to learn to manage their money.