Melissa Peters

Victoria, Australia


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Apr 01 2021 11 8




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1 10 2021-05-21 16:30:00


Hello, my name is Melissa Peters. I am a secondary school teacher in Geelong, Australia. I have been teaching at Independent schools (private schools) since 2006 and I have almost 15 years teaching experience. My method areas are Humanities (History and Geography), English, VCAL and Special Education. I have a Bachelor in Secondary Education (Monash) and a Master of Education (Special Educational Needs, Deakin).   I have been interested in Vietnam since I took a subject at university called South East Asian History, I have even been lucky enough to travel to Vietnam in 2007 (along time ago) with students from the school I was teaching it. I hope to travel there again soon and even hopefully live there.  


Not yet.

Students taught

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1 [300] Phương Nguyễn Thị Thu 3
2 [379] La Thị Thanh Trúc 2
3 [303] Trịnh Hoàng Ngọc 1
4 [221] Thu Trang Hồ Thị 1
5 [383] Le Quang Vinh 1
6 [389] Trần Thị Hằng 1
7 [352] Vo Dinh Ngoc Huyen 1
8 [090] Hồ Thị Thảo Nguyên 1